DNA Silverback Review

I will help you determine whether DNA Silverback really is the “only natural testosterone supplement clinically proven to combat the symptoms of Andropause”.

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My Findings & Verdict

My Rating


According to the manufacturer, DNA Silverback is:

the world’s first functional T-Complex powder designed for men in their prime who are combatting rapidly declining testosterone levels and noticing andropause symptoms

From the age of 30, men naturally produce less testosterone due to aging. A recent study found that by age 45, 40% of men show signs of a low testosterone count.

Low testosterone causes a decrease in libido, mood disorders, fatigue, memory problems, and can prevent muscle growth for those who want to stay pumped in their later years!

I’ve been testing DNA Silverback for about 8 weeks and I’ve definitely noticed a boost in energy after taking and an increase in mood.


I have found that one of the drawbacks of taking a powder in water rather than a capsule is the taste. It might be a means to an end with the benefits of taking the product, but I wouldn’t drink the product without getting those benefits.

The taste has been improved for 2024, less curry and more sweet fruit, 100% an upgrade on the last version. What it does mean is there is no fenugreek in the product.

It’s not for everyone, but you only take it once a day instead of several sets of capsules, so the taste isn’t a huge issue. I can say that DNA Silverback is one of the better t-booster supplements on the market today so it’s worth a try.

DNA Silverback Testosterone Andropause Drinking

Pros & Cons


The first Testo powder

95% Ingredient Absorption Rate*

Money back guarantee

Subscribe & Save on all pack sizes


Subscription plan is for a minimum of 3 months

No scoop included

Doesn’t mix well

Current Offers

DNA Silverback Testosterone Booster x6

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DNA Silverback Testosterone Booster x3

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DNA Silverback Testosterone Ignitor

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Why you should trust me

Unlike a lot of other companies who only research the ingredients and make a judgement base solely on that, I actually try the products I review!

I’ve been using DNA Silverback for 8 weeks to really get a feel for how this Test Booster really works, if indeed it does work.

It’s also important to be able to say how these products taste and feel in the mouth, not something you can do if you haven’t used the product.

I’ve also spent the time researching ingredients, working through the papers and research reports that show what can and won’t work. I’ve also spent the last 5 years in the supplements business so know a thing or two about ingredients. For more see the about us page.

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How I evaluated DNA Silverback

Evaluating a product like DNA Silverback is relatively straightforward although time consuming. First and foremost I have tried this product myself so I know what it tastes like and how it makes me feel.

The problem is, it can take months for Test Boosters to give any kind of results or make you feel any different. Within 3-4 weeks you should know if you are getting any benefit, but it does depend on your symptoms and what you are expecting to achieve.

I have then broken down my evaluation into specific criteria that I believe reflect the information needed by someone looking to buy this product. Then I have done whatever additional research is necessary to make a confident assessment of a product’s potential.

I have started with ingredients as this is one on the most important parts of my final rating assessment. Provided there’s nothing in there I wouldn’t take myself or at least a suspicion that someone might want to try a given supplement, I move on to try the product myself. I will only do this if I believe that the product is safe, has safe levels of ingredients and I know what I am putting in my body.

After that I want to see if the product is effective in doing what is claims to do. It’s difficult to know if I have higher testosterone after 8 weeks, but I can comment on how I feel after taking it.

The last criteria for my evaluation comprises prices, discounts, subscription service, customer service, and more. These are all less influential in my overall ratings, but they are often the things that can tip the scales for anyone looking to try a supplement for the first time, or anyone who is torn between two products.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these criteria for a clearer picture of whether DNA Silverback is be a good fit for you.

DNA Silverback Ingredients – 4.5/5

DNA Silverback Nutritional Data

The ingredients in DNA Silverback are a blend of all ingredients you will find in my top picks of the best Testosterone boosters. This is mainly because there are only so many ingredients with proven or scientific evidence to increase testosterone over a period of time.

The DNA website suggests that the ingredients in the pouch can give the following benefits that are EU authorised:

  • Maintains healthy testosterone levels – Zinc (Zn)
  • Supports normal mental performance – Vitamin B5
  • Helps Reduce Fatigue & Tiredness – Vitamins B6, B12, B3, B2, C and Magnesium(Mg)
  • Regulates Hormonal Activity – Vitamin B6.
  • Supports Immune Function – Vitamins E, B9, D, C, B6, Selenium(Se) and Zinc(Zn).

One massive difference between DNA Silverback and other Test Boosters, is that it contains 20 ingredients in one 10mg serving, compared to other which may only have 10 in a number of capsules.

The following is a full breakdown of the ingredients listed on the pouch:

D Aspartic Acid

D Aspartic Acid 750mg

D-aspartic acid is popular in test boosters as it can play a role in increasing testosterone production and release in the testicles according to this study.

It can increase the release of a hormone in the brain that will result in testosterone production.

The 750mg of DAA in DNA Silverback would, on the face of it, look like it is under-dosed. Most studies I have read, including this from Examine, would suggest a dose of 2000 – 3000mg per day. However that is on it’s own and not part of a combination stack like DNA Silverback.

green superfoods

Boron 5mg

Several boron studies found a connection between boron supplementation and increased testosterone levels. Boron can also be used for many other things as suggested in this study, it also concludes that “Boron Increases Half-life and Bioavailability of Sex Hormones and Vitamin D”

So whilst there is a slightly lower than expected amount of Boron in DNA Silverback, it’s use as a booster to Vitamin D supplementation makes it a very useful addition.


Nettle Root Extract 160mg

Nettle root is a ancient herb that contains many nutrients, many of which act as antioxidants in the body. It can help to reduce the effects of excess estrogen and may help separate testosterone from red blood cells SHGB (Sex hormone binding globulin).

It is basically an estrogen blocker in men that stops testosterone from changing into estrogen. It does this by reducing SHBG levels.

Whilst there is no credible evidence that nettle will help you to produce more testosterone, it does perform important functions that can increase your available, or free testosterone.

Vitamin d3

Vitamin D3 2000IU

Our bodies create vitamin D3 in response to UV rays from the sun.This is why most people in the Northern Hemisphere Vitamin D deficient as they don’t get enough exposure to the sun in the winter months

That makes vitamin D supplements an effective way to improve your health. A 2023 study suggests that vitamin D may increase testosterone production. Although not conclusively. There are many scientific studies that will claim to prove vitamin D3 works, but there is nothing definitive either way.

This study found a strong correlation between vitamin D supplements and higher testosterone levels, though these increases were within the margin of error.


Magnesium Citrate 315mg

Studies have showed that magnesium supplements can lead to higher serum and free testosterone levels, particularly among active individuals, although this one was done with athletes.

This study used 10mg per kilogram of body weight so 315mg in DNA Silverback isn’t going to do a huge amount, however it is one of the highest levels in the test boosters I have tried.

It is also worth mentioning that magnesium citrate is four times more effective at raising serum magnesium levels compared to magnesium oxide, so it is always best to check which one is in your supplement.

green tea l theanine

Vitamin C 250mg

Historically, vitamin C was used for preventing and treating scurvy in sailors. Today, people most commonly use vitamin C for preventing and treating a common cold.

What is little known is that Ascorbic Acid, which is essentially vitamin C, can help to elevate follicle (small sacs filled with fluid) stimulating hormone and testosterone plasma levels and enhances sperm quality.

There are few studies that show how much Vitamin C would help to increase test, as most are done in rats. But as it has a low level of toxicity above the RDA there should be few issues with taking 250mg.

zinc ingredients

Zinc Citrate 16mg

Zinc appears in many of the test boosters I have tried as there are strong links between zinc deficiency and hypogonadism in men (low sex hormones).

However, men with healthy zinc levels might not see much benefit from supplementation.

This article suggests that zinc may play an important role in modulating serum testosterone levels in normal men so take your pick on which you agree with.

One thing is for certain, many men lack zinc so it is worth having some sort of supplementation for this deficiency.

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin

B-Complex (8 Vitamins) 27.45mg

The website only shows that there is a B-Complex of 8 vitamins in DNA Silverback, a little more digging into the back of pack and I can say these are the B vits in the product.

B1 (thiamine) 1.1mg.

Thiamine plays an essential role in metabolism by helping convert nutrients into energy.

B2 (riboflavin) 1.4mg.

Riboflavin helps convert food into energy and also acts as an antioxidant.

B3 (niacin) 16mg.

Niacin plays a role in cellular signalling, metabolism, and DNA production and repair.

B5 (pantothenic acid) 6mg.

Like other B vitamins, pantothenic acid helps your body obtain energy from food and is also involved in hormone and cholesterol production.

B6 (pyridoxine) 1.4mg.

Pyridoxine is involved in amino acid metabolism, red blood cell production, and the creation of neurotransmitters.

B7 (biotin) 50mcg.

Biotin is essential for carbohydrate and fat metabolism and regulates gene expression.

B9 (folate) 200mcg.

Folate is needed for cell growth, amino acid metabolism, the formation of red and white blood cells, and proper cell division. It can be found in supplements in the form of folic acid

B12 (cobalamin) 2.5mcg.

Perhaps the most well-known of all the B vitamins, Vitamin B12 is vital for neurological function, DNA production, and red blood cell development.

Ingredients of Supplements

Other Ingredients

The website and the bag have the following additional ingredients:

  • Dextrose
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Tropical Flavouring
  • Natural Lime and Mint Flavouring
  • Sweetener Steviol Glycosides

DNA Silverback Effectiveness – 4/5

Several ingredients in DNA Silverback can boast at least a few clinical studies supporting their positive effects on men’s testosterone levels. Apart from the FUROSAP Fenugreek which has specific studies, few of these studies are done on humans and are statistically significant or can all but prove efficacy.

Most are small in scale and done on rats in a lab. That said, they do imply that DNA Silverback may offer a fair amount of efficacy for certain men, particularly those with specific nutritional deficiencies and needs.

For example, Boron boasts several studies indicating that it can elevate testosterone levels, particularly among men with previous deficiencies. According to the National Institutes of Health, boron deficiency can lead to a reduction in vitamin D production, which has known links to testosterone and semen quality.

With a huge 17 ingredients, some of which at recommended or known dosage levels suggest that DNA Silverback may be potent enough to affect testosterone levels in men with lower-than-normal levels of either nutrient.

Some other ingredients, have limited research indicating their potential to increase testosterone levels, and what research exists uses doses far higher than those provided by DNA Silverback.

What I like is the claim that the ingredients have a 95% absorption rate compared to 35% absorption rate for capsules.

This absorption rate could be one of the reasons that, on the face of it, some of the ingredients are under dosed. I would also argue that most test boosters have 6 or 8 active ingredients, DNA Silverback has 17 ingredients so whilst there maybe less DAA than some of the others, it is the amount of ingredients that makes this a great product.

DNA Silverback Costs – 4/5

DNA Silverback New Pack Front

One Months Supply


Reviewed By: WhichSupps

My cost consideration is a combination of price, bulk or subscription discounts, return policy, and shipping costs. Most test boosters cost somewhere between £25 and £85. The £39.99 price of DNA Silverback puts it at the lower to mid end of that range. And like most of its competitors, it suggests you use a subscription program rather than bulk purchase savings. The bulk savings are hard to find if you aren’t looking for them.

At the highest bulk purchasing level, the cost per serving of £1.58 comes down to £1.35, which is a good price, but not as well discounted as some of the other test boosters on the market.

Product CostPostageCost Per Serving
1 Bag£42.99£4.50£1.58
1 Bag Subscription£40.00£4.50£1.48
3 Bags£118.97£4.50£1.37
6 Bags£237.94£4.50£1.35

Alternatives to DNA Silverback

If you have read this DNA Silverback review and thought, I wonder what else there is on the market, wonder no longer.

DNA Silverback is around the top of my rankings for test booster because it’s a good product, has 17 ingredients in the pouch with a reasonable price, I want to help you understand your alternatives.

There are plenty of other test boosters available,  below is a price matrix for the ones I have personally tried and tested.

Cost for 1ServingsCost Per Serving
DNA Silverback£42.9930£1.43
Prime Male£45.0030£1.50
Hunter Test£65.0030£2.17

* Testosil is only available from the USA, this price includes shipping to the UK and has been converted in the GBP at the current rate. This does not include import tax which you may have to pay.

DNA Silverback Testosterone Andropause Drinking

How to take DNA Silverback

Because you only need to take this test booster once a day, I like it in a small glass of water in the morning with breakfast, it honestly is the best way to start your day and it will leave you energised all day.

From the website it suggests you “add 10g (2 teaspoons) of DNA Silverback to 150 mls of cold water, stir and enjoy. For optimal absorption drink immediately. Intended for daily use.”

So here’s the rub, most products come with a scoop to help you get the right serving size, however DNA Silverback doesn’t so whilst they say 2 teaspoons, if you are like me and have at least half a dozen different teaspoons in my drawer, a scoop would really help!

To maximise the benefits of energising nutrients magnesium, B2, B3 and B9, we suggest taking DNA products in the morning.

DNA Silverback who is it for?

DNA Silverback is the middle product of a range defined by age, being for men over 40. The other two products are White Wolf (Men 25+) and Grey Fox (Men 55+).

designed for men in their prime who are combatting rapidly declining testosterone levels and noticing andropause symptoms. At this age, the delicate balance of testosterone and oestrogen can be disrupted causing havoc on male hormonal balance.

It is quite clear that this product is for men aged 40+ who are experiencing the effects of low T.

They are steering away from the pumped up muscle building idea of something like Testofuel, and sticking to the age based premise that men need to increase their testosterone levels to live a fuller life from a certain age.

DNA Silverback Final Thoughts

DNA Silverback is marketed to men over 40, which puts me in the right bracket to try this product out – and I have to say I like it. A lot.

Being different in that it’s a powder and not a capsule is a bit of a risk for the manufacturer, but it does make the product different from the others I have reviewed.

I do like the take once a day angle and the claim that the ingredients have a 95% absorption rate compared to 35% absorption rate for capsules.

Would I buy it again? Yes I would especially now they have sorted the taste, I really feel it is a premium testosterone supplement that is worth the money for the ingredients and the power of the powder vs capsules.

If you fancy trying it, you can order yours directly from the manufacturer of DNA Silverback on their official website.